Danish Society for Education and Business works dedicatedly towards a competent Denmark.

The basic foundation of DSEB is to increase value creation in Danish companies and Danish society by supporting the development of business related education and research competencies sought by a global business community.

DSEB’s role is to act as a catalyst by initiating and supporting concrete projects that are focused on creating an increased collaboration between education and research and businesses in Denmark. DSEB also awards a number of scholarships and prizes that reward the extraordinary effort and helps young, sharp brains in their further research within humanities and sociale sciences.

DSEB was established as a Society for Young Business Men’s Education in 1880 by to prominent business men, Councillor of State Harald Fritsche and National Bank Director Moritz Levy. The primary purpose of the Society was to educate and upskill shop assistants to a business career in Denmark and abroad.

Since then much has happened in Denmark and abroad. But the need to make Denmark competent is as pressing as always. Bringing international talent to Denmark is important to ensure that the relevant competencies are available to the Danish business community.

DSEB supports the CBS Scholarship Fund with funds for the CBS Full-time MBA students.


Waldemar Schmidt Scholarship

The Waldemar Schmidt scholarship originates from Waldemar Schmidt, a former CEO of the Danish company ISS, who has a strong affiliation with CBS through his adjunct professorship and as a long-time ambassador of the CBS Full-time MBA Program. Waldemar Schmidt has spent a considerable part of his career overseas and strongly believes in coupling Scandinavian leadershp with an international mindset in a business setting. The Waldemar Schmidt Scholarship supports young professionals in their international leadership development.

Preference is given to  students from Brazil followed by Latin Americans and Asian students but all nationalities can apply.

In this video Waldemar Schmidt outlines the background for his scholarship: