We bring talent to Denmark

By making scholarships available to international MBA students at Copenhagen Business School, the CBS Scholarship Fund supports CBS’ efforts in attracting the best candidates. Thus, we contribute to strengthening the productivity and competiveness of Danish companies through better access to highly qualified foreign talent. A task, which the Danish Chamber of Commerce and other interest groups have placed at the top of their agenda.

Financial support as a competitive aspect
In order to attract the best qualified international students, CBS’ programmes must be able to compete with programmes and courses offered by the vast amount of internationally recognised universities and business schools in the world, solely based on academic content, research funding, the combination of theory and practice, pedagogical concept etc.

At this level, however, educational qualities are not the only parameters that attract the best talent. The opportunity to obtain financial support is also decisive in the decision-making, especially with MBAs targeting young candidates at the beginning of their career and without the financial support of a large company.

In order to be able to create classes with the essential diversity of nationalities, professional backgrounds etc., it is crucial that CBS can offer scholarships to select students.

Role of the Scholarship Fund
Like other Danish universities, CBS does not have the necessary powers to grant such scholarships. If CBS has to be an attractive option for the coveted international students, to whom scholarships are an essential aspect in their choice of education, these scholarships must be accessible through external contributions. This is the primary task of the CBS Scholarship Fund.
We thereby contribute to attract skilled and ambitious foreign students to CBS and our MBA programmes, thus helping to bring the best international talent to the country – which is potential manpower for Danish companies.